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New Two Lines Break up Status

whatsapp break-up status english upcharnuskheOnce someone cheats In the Relationship, There’s No Reason to Stay. If They Truly loved you they would’ve Never Cheated!


Just Because We Don’t Have Future Together, Doesn’t Mean We Don’t Love Each Other.


Do You Know Why A Previous Relationship Is Called Ex? It’s Not the Term for the Past. Ex Is Short For Expired.


I’M Sure You Will Never Remember All the Things I’ll Never Forget.


If You Don’t Love Me At My Worst, Then You Don’t Deserve Me At My Best.


Pretending like You Don’t Care about Your Past & Acting like You’ve Moved On, Hurts!


No More Wasting Time Thinking About Wasted Time.


Nothing Last Forever. Will You Be Mine?


I Miss You Much & I Can’t Do Anything About It.


I’M Not Second, Either You Choose Me Or You Loose Me.


It’s better to Be Alone, Than Being with Someone Who Makes You Feel Alone.


If The Heart Is Strongest Muscle, Then Why Does It Break So Easily?


Love Is Beautiful Mistake Of My Life.


You Broke My Heart. But I Still Love You With All The Pieces.


What Am I Supposed To Do When The Best Part Of Me Was Always You?


I Never Hate You For Not Loving Me Any more But I Hate Myself For Still Loving You.

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